Joseph Holt
Posted: 13th February 2017

Joseph Holt Brewery backs BBPA’s Cut Beer Tax duty

Joseph Holt at House of Commons

Manchester Brewer, Joseph Holt recently hosted the North West Beer and Pub Association MP’s Parliamentary Reception at Westminster. The successful evening was to raise the issue of cutting beer tax for pubs and bars across the north-west which had 30 MP’s including Andrew Percy, the Pubs Minister and Graham Evans, the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group in attendance, which is the largest group in Parliament with 350 MP’s.

BBPA’s Chief Executive, Brigid Simmonds also joined the event, she reiterated the association's calls for a cut in duty at the House of Commons stating "We were very pleased to see such a good turnout from north-west MPs, and encouraged by the support and enthusiasm shown for beer and pubs in the region. The industry is vital to both the north-west and national economy, and I hope this importance is recognised with a cut in beer duty on 8th March 2017".

Richard Kershaw, Joseph Holt CEO and chairman of the BBPA's north-west branch, added that the region had been "hit hard" in the past decade with a 42% rise in beer duty. While three recent cuts and a freeze last year have helped, he warned that the industry is "not out of the woods yet", and added his voice to the calls for a further beer duty cut in the Budget.”.

Richard Kershaw also added about the event stating, “Hopefully, we influenced a few MP’s at the reception to look more favourably towards beer duty rates and we certainly did our best in showcasing our own beers, and those of the North West in a great light.”.

Richard Kershaw was joined by his daughter Jane who has recently joined Joseph Holt as the sixth generation of the family, along with one of his son’s Andrew Kershaw. It’s also with great delight that Mike Kane, the MP for Wythenshawe has kindly arranged for Two Hoots, our gold winner at the Brussels Beer Challenge to go on sale in the House of Commons Stranger’s Bar week commencing 13th March.

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